CLEVA-Crete manufactures Asia-Pacific’s most advanced custom made bunkers, cellars and pits for almost any application.

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There is a reason that wine has been stored in wine caves and underground cellars for hundreds of years – the ideal storage conditions can be consistently met in such a cave or cellar – keep it cool, dark, and humid. While, storing wine is not rocket science, these few key factors must be kept in mind with cellar design, ensuring your wine has the very best chance of long-term survival and optimal aging.

The desirable storage temperature is around 13˚ C. Excessive heat will wreak havoc on a good bottle of wine. You also want to shoot for consistent temperatures, as dramatic temperature fluctuations will also negatively impact a stored bottle of wine.

Humidity is another important factor. A higher humidity level helps to keep corks from shrinking and allowing oxygen in, resulting in the dreaded oxidation of the wine. Ideal humidity is between 65 to 75%.

Finally, by intentionally storing wine on its side, you will help keep the cork in constant contact with the wine. This will keep the cork moist, which should keep the cork from shrinking and allowing the enemy of wine, oxygen, to seep into the bottle. When oxygen meets stored wine, the result is not good – the wine starts to oxidize (think brown apple) and the aromas, flavours, and colour all begin to spoil.

It is no coincidence that by design, CLEVA-Crete cellars provide extremely well controlled atmospheric conditions, minimizing temperature fluctuation from abutting concrete or slate footings, other exposed surfaces, or heated floors, or even the potential effects of sunlight and UV rays shining on the surface of access doors, stairs, and frames. By keeping it cool, dark, and humid in a CLEVA-Crete cellar, you will get the right outcome when you’re ready to indulge yourself and friends in a glass of your finest drop.

CLEVA-Crete specialists will work with your architect to produce the finest outcome for your needs. We also supply an array of racking and humidification kits.


Fire Safety Bunkers


Fire safety bunkers are typically the most challenging type of bunker to design, create, and place on your property. There are many factors that must be considered to initially gain certification and approval and then keep everybody safe in a bushfire.

Traditionally, the efficacy of fire safety bunkers has been questioned by many authorities, since burn-over’s will create an immense amount of heat, literally melting intake and exhaust vents, and will thus make it impossible to maintain fresh air within the bunker for a set period of time. Safety of all types of access doors is a must, as many fire events distort typical access door designs and frames, making it difficult to leave your safe haven, after a fire has passed.

CLEVA-Crete’s unique design is a world first, in that it does not require any air flow from outside the bunker to keep all persons safe, but rather produces its own fresh air through the worlds most advanced photocatalytic coating system, coupled with the appropriate UV lighting. This tech exchanges the carbon dioxide into pure oxygen, similarly to the catalytic converter in a vehicle. A sacrificial solar panel charges batteries daily, powering the UV lighting which will last for a few days inside the bunker keeping everybody safe with fresh air during most adverse fire events that typically last 1-3 hours.

CLEVA-Crete fire safety bunkers adopt a proven concrete mix design in the lid that keeps everybody safe from spalling or flying concrete, should the fire safety bunker be subject to the 3-4,000 degrees centigrade experienced at times in Australian hi-temp wildfires. Our unique sacrificial fibre technology, combined with a composite lid design, ensures the ultimate safety for all persons, during any such severe fire event.

Please contact our trained personnel to assist you in the all-important positioning of your fire safety bunker on your property and we can assist you in obtaining full building approval for your bespoke fire bunker.


Below Ground Garden Bunkers


CLEVA-Crete creates unique below ground garden bunkers that utilize the all-important sunlight, to enhance all plant maturity, whilst using the earths constant ground temperature to assist in production and growth of most types of plant life for your garden.

Call CLEVA-Crete to design your custom-made garden bunker today!




Many requests have been received for underground vaults to safely keep sentimental, nostalgic or extremely valuable possessions from getting into the wrong hands or being affected by fire or an act of God.

These vaults are typically quite small approximately 3 metres by 3 metres with a 1-metre-wide access stair alongside one wall enabling quite a liberal amount of storage.
CLEVA-Crete can supply safes, gun-safes or shelving if required.


Workshop Pits


CLEVA-Crete manufacturers all typical workshop pits which are normally 1.1 metre wide and can be manufactured in any length to suit your workshop needs.

Today’s workshop pits can get complex, when full installation of air, oils and grease from inside the pit is required. CLEVA-Crete will include any ‘pit jack’ and ‘elevating floor’ system infrastructure as required.

CLEVA-Crete designs workshop pits that suit either car workshops or extremely heavy vehicle requirements, including truck, train, or mine haul vehicles.

Make contact with our in-house workshop pit specialist to design exactly what you and your team requires.




Subject to individual site assessment, each CLEVA-Crete fire safety bunker is subject to the regulations and scrutiny of specific, local fire authorities and municipality requirements.

In Victoria, there has been put in place a formal accreditation system for all fire bunkers.

South Australia too, has Building Rules Assessment Commission who determines local design approval.

There are currently no other specific Government accreditation processes for fire safety bunkers in the remaining States and Territories throughout Australia.


Every CLEVA-Crete bunker, vault or pit has been engineered and certified for general use anywhere in Australia. We will work with your site or project specific engineer(s) to marry up all manufactured components to fit your design, so that installations achieve the ultimate outcomes for all stakeholders.

CLEVA-Crete engineers are aware that after all products leave our precast manufacturing plant, they may be subject to ‘other’ purpose or extreme or adverse conditions for which they have not been designed. CLEVA-Crete takes no responsibility for any such uncertified product use.

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